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Who are we?


"We’re a three piece band called End Credits from the north east of England. We like to brand ourselves as 'psychedelic indie rock', incorporating flavours of alternative and progressive rock into our sound"

For all our up and coming gigs click on the link above "UPCOMING GIGS" which will take you the appropriate links x


The band was formed in 2018 where we began our journey playing in pubs and clubs of our home of Billingham under our original band name of.....

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End Credits at the Forum, Billingham
End Credits playing Stockton Calling

In our five years together we’ve played amongst the likes of The Sherlocks, Circa Waves, Sleeper, Benefits, Loose Articles, performing at local festivals such as Stockton Calling and Last Train Home Festival. Earlier this year we enjoyed playing in front of a sold out crowd at The Georgian Theatre, but our favourite moment as a band was winning the first 'Battle of the Bands' competition hosted at NE Volume last year.

In this time we have also released our debut album The Traveller produced by our drummer, Eddy and distributed under Nil By Mouth Records. Since its release it has racked up over 15k streams, with fan favourite tracks such as ‘Conversation’ and ‘No More’ becoming staples of our live shows. 

End Credits CD release under previous title WhiteNoise.
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